Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society

Overview of BJES

The Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society (BJES) is a society registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 (Mysore Act No. 17 of 1960) on 31st March 1973.
Its Registered Office is situated at Jesuit Nivas, St. Joseph’s College, No.35, Museum Road, Bangalore- 560025, Karnataka.

a) To take over, establish, administer and support educational institutions offering any course or courses -- general, vocational, technical and professional.
b) To support and promote solely the advancement of educational activities in all its branches, particularly schools, colleges, cultural, technical institutions and allied activities primarily for Catholics and, as is common to all such Catholic institutions, others are also admitted without distinction of caste or creed.

Unit under The Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society
1. St. Joseph’s Boys’ High School
2. St. Joseph’s Pre-University College
3. St. Joseph’s Pre-University Evening College
4. St. Joseph’s College of Commerce
5. St. Joseph’s University
6. St. Joseph’s College of Law
7. St. Joseph’s Institute of Management
8. BJES -MBA Twinning Programme
9. St. Joseph’s Hostel
10. St. Joseph’s University Hostel
11. St. Joseph’s Ladies Hostel
12. Loyola Higher Primary School
13. Loyola High School
14. Loyola Composite Pre-University College
15. Loyola Degree College
16. Loyola Industrial Training Centre
17. Loyola Industrial Training Centre Hostel
18. BEMBALA- BJES Outreach Programme
19. SAMAGRA- St. Joseph’s Holistic Wellness Centre

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