Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society

Vision & Mission

Our educational objective is to prepare men and women for the service of others, specially the poor and the oppressed. We provide opportunities to the students to critically understand society and its structures so that education will assist them in working for humane and just society. Stress is laid on academic excellence, character formation and social concern.

Academic Excellence: Studying the subjects is a major task. All the necessary facilities are made available for students like reading room, good library and computer lab with internet facility to assist them in the same.

Character Formation: Character development is the essential aspect of education. A person is what his/ her values are. Your character includes your behavior, your values and attitudes to life and to others and the way you face life. Building up character, a sense of hard work, perseverance, honesty, integrity, sensitivity to others and universal love that embrace all people, cutting across barriers of language, religion and caste.

Social Concern: The Management has made a policy of admitting, as far as possible, students from the socio-economically marginalized groups. It is the vision of the college to train students who are socially conscious and ready to stake their lives for the oppressed and the exploited. Our task as educators is to create in the student a deeper understanding of oneself and to change the world by creating plentiful opportunities for personal and social growth and total development. For the members of the Society of Jesus, education is not a commercial activity. It is a mission.

Our mission is to build up a group of young men and women who would be agents of change in society and work towards a secular world of fraternity, equality and justice.

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