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SJC holds bonded labor conference

“Earlier this month, thanks to the quick action of the officials of the Mysore District Administration, 14 bonded labourers were rescued from a ginger farm. These labourers from North Karnataka, had been deceitfully trapped and trafficked, forced to work for long hours, and some, beaten with chains. When I shared this commendable act of the administration with my friends, they were shocked that such a thing, as bonded labour still happens in India.

To them and to the most of the populous of our state, this is an invisible crime. In this contemporary world, we will have to make this crime visible”, said Indrajeet Pawar, Director of Operations, International Justice Mission, Bangalore during the inauguration of the state level conference on ‘Bonded Labour in Contemporary Karnataka’ at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous). The two day conference on Bonded Labour will witness various discussions with dignitaries from government, judiciary, academicians, experts from the field in order to understand the issue and to come up with ways to combat it. The aim of the conference is to device mechanisms to eradicate bonded labour. Students from various colleges, bonded labour leaders, survivors and workers are attending the event.

“It is sad that in contemporary times that we are living, bonded labour is still so relevant. Although we have government rule, that prevents bonded labour, many people are engaging in this horrifying crime, which must be strongly condemned. I hope that we give a vision to the state and others that the dignity of a person must be respected and bonded labour must be abolished”, said Kiran Jeevan, the Public Relations Officer, St Joseph’s College (Autonomous).about the state of bonded labour.

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